Non Woven Paving Fabrics

Non Woven Paving Fabrics create a moisture barrier in your asphalt pavement, thereby increasing the roads life and reducing reflective cracking. Key benefits of non woven pavement interlayer systems are they provide a waterproof barrier for subgrade foundation soil protection, creates a stress relieving membrane between the existing pavement and asphalt overlay and extends the useful life of the overlay


PETROMAT® ENVIRO is an innovative paving fabric combining the superior stress absorption and moisture
barrier protection as PETROMAT Original with the ability to easily mill and recycle. This patent pending technology features the strength properties of AASHTO M288, can be installed directly onto a milled surface without a leveling course, and contains no fiberglass. Additionally, Enviro provides unmatched moisture protection for roads while absorbing stress to slow fatigue and reflective cracking in asphalt pavement

Fiberglass Paving Mats

The high performance hybrid fiberglass structure provides significantly greater tensile strength at low strain compared to conventional non woven paving fabrics and other paving mats.  The higher strength at low strain helps extend pavement life by delaying reflective cracking, while still providing an effective moisture barrier.

Pavement Membranes

Pavement membranes are high strength sometimes peel-and-stick self adhesive membranes used to waterproof and reinforce pavement cracks and joints, as a bridge deck waterproofing, to reduce reflective cracking of asphalt concrete overlays and in other applications where waterproofing is required.
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