Polyguard NW-75

NW-75 membrane is comprised of a rubberized asphalt waterproofing sealant adhesive with a non-woven pavement reinforcing grade polypropylene fabric laminated to the outer surface. A peel-off silicone treated release liner keeps the rubberized asphalt from sticking to the membrane when the roll is rolled up.

NW-75 membrane is designed for use prior to an asphalt overlay. If placed on joints and cracks of pavement it will not only waterproof but also reduce the extent and severity of reflective cracking. If installed on bridge decks, it acts as a waterproofing membrane, protecting reinforcing steel in the deck from corrosion.

Polyguard NW-75 Data Sheet


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12" x 50', 24" x 50', 48" x 50'

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100 sf, 200 sf, 50 sf