Mirafi® PGM-G4 is a composite paving interlayer comprised of a lightweight polypropylene paving fabric reinforced with continuous filament fiberglass, mechanically fastened in the machine, cross and bias angle directions. This unique, patent pending paving interlayer is designed for highly distressed pavement conditions and in addition, the material will provide a moisture barrier against further moisture intrusion. The lightweight polypropylene fabric requires less asphalt tack, saving on installation costs without compromising performance.

PGM G4 Spec

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TenCate Mirafi® PGM-G and PGM-G4

TenCate Mirafi® PGM-G and PGM-G4 Glass Filament Reinforced Paving Composite Systems
Sealing-MOD Stress Relief-MOD Adhesive Bonding-MOD

TenCate Mirafi® PGM-G and PGM-G4 are glass filament reinforced paving composites comprised of fiberglass filament yarn incorporated into a nonwoven polypropylene paving fabric. This composite or reinforced paving fabric combines the excellent reinforcing properties of glass filaments with optimum liquid asphalt retention capacity of a mechanically bonded AASHTO nonwoven paving fabric.TenCate Mirafi® PGM-G and PGM-G4 are the solution for pavement engineers. Asphalt reinforcement by high-modulus glass filaments, combined with the sealing and uniform bonding effect of the nonwoven geotextile, provides effective maintenance and prolongs the working life of road structure.
TenCate Mirafi® PGM-G and PGM-G4 glass filament reinforced paving composite systems functions for:

  • Reinforcement
  • Stress Relief
  • Adhesive Bonding

The Difference TenCate Mirafi® PGM-G glass filament reinforced paving composite system makes

  • Reinforcement: High load-properties at low strain (<3%) appropriate for heavy loaded pavements.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Suitable for full width overlay, local patch and joint repair.
  • Sealing: Rain and oxygen cannot penetrate into the road structure.
  • Longevity: Maintenance intervals are considerably extended.
  • Stress Relief: Retards crack propagation from the old surface to the new overlay.
  • Adhesive Bonding: Provides uniform bonding between old and new asphalt layers.
  • Installation: Easily included in asphalt resurfacing projects.
  • Recycling: Can be milled with conventional milling machines
  • Resistance: Chemically resistant to road salt.

System Solutions:
Roadway/Railway Construction

Pavement Restoration

  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Parking lots
  • Golf car paths
  • Airport runways
  • Playgrounds
  • Mobile home parks
  • Shopping centers
  • Industrial parks

TenCate Mirafi® PGM-G and PGM-G4 glass filament reinforced paving composites…geosynthetics that make a difference.