Elevate your Pavement Performance from the Bottom Up

J-Band® significantly reduces air voids in longitudinal joints from the bottom up – literally.

J-Band is applied under the longitudinal joint in new asphalt and migrates upward as the hot mix is installed on top of it.

J-Band not only extends the life of the joint, but it improves performance of the entire pavement as it:

  • Stabilizes the unconfined edge.
  • Dramatically reduces air voids.
  • Nearly eliminates permeability.
  • Significantly extends the life of the joint.

Efficient Application

Even though it’s a new way of doing things, J-Band is applied immediately prior to paving, as part of the normal HMA construction process.

Wide Coverage

Using an inline parallel spray bar, J-Band covers an area 12 or 18 inches wide on top of existing pavement under the eventual location of the longitudinal joint.

Fast Acting

In no more than 30 minutes after applying J-Band, the road is ready for construction traffic, keeping the installation process efficient and traffic flowing.

Upward Moving

Unlike other joint treatments, J-Band migrates upward, filling voids and fending off the joint’s enemies: air and water.

Long Lasting

J-Band is proven to extend the life of your pavement’s longitudinal joint threefold, from the usual 4-5 years without J-Band — to 15+ years with J-Band.

Money Saving

J-Band is a long-term proposition. On the average roadway, every $1 invested in J-Band typically saves agencies $2 in avoided and deferred maintenance costs.

Proven Performance

J-Band has been successfully installed with proven results on
roads throughout Illinois as well as Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, and Missouri. Using J-Band helps
save what matters most: time, money, and lives. To see this game-changing pavement preservation
in action, visit www.TheJointSolution.com.