Road Fabrics Asphalt Overlay System

Road Fabrics Inc Overlay System creates a moisture barrier in your asphalt pavement, thereby increasing the roads life and reducing reflective cracking. Key benefits of textile pavement interlayer systems are they Provide a waterproof barrier for subgrade foundation soil protection, creates a stress relieving membrane between the existing pavement and asphalt overlay, retards the propagation of existing cracks through a new overlay (reflective crack control) and extends the useful life of the overlay.​

TruPave Engineered Paving Mat

TruPave Engineered Paving Mat from Owens Corning is a pavement interlayer designed to create a moisture-resistant barrier, retard reflective cracking and stand up to high-temperature hot-mix designs. And at the end of the pavement’s life, it’s millable and recyclable. The result of these benefits? TruPave® engineered paving mat can extend the performance of your pavement rehabilitation investment by up to 500 percent.
TruPave®’s unique, nonwoven, randomly dispersed fiberglass contruction process, gives your pavement 360 degree tensile reinforcement. Because pavements crack in all directions, the forces that cause cracking can be curtailed with the addition of TruPave® in your pavement overlay application. Highway, parking lot, runway or driveway – TruPave® Engineered Paving Mat is designed to preserve and extend the life of any hot-mix asphalt concrete surface.


GlasPave 50 Waterproofing Paving Mat

GlasPave50 Paving Mat delivers a reliable and cost effective pavement rehabilitation solution.The strong, fiberglass mesh embedded into the polyester mat is the key to its performance, as GlasPave extends the life of pavement overlays through the delay of reflective cracking. The GlasPave50 Paving Mat provides the highest tensile strength at 2% strain, making it the strongest, commercially available, full coverage paving mat or fabric.

The product also serves as an effective moisture barrier equal to paving fabrics and mats. The unique, non-woven, polyester matrix structure of the GlasPave50 Mat allows asphalt binder to fully penetrate and fill voids within the fabric, limiting moisture infiltration and preventing water ingress into the granular layers of the pavement structure.

Chip Seals and Paving Fabrics

TenCate Miraif MPVCS nonwoven asphalt overlay fabric with chip sealsforms a membrane that minimizes surface water from penetrating pavement systems and provides a stress relief interlayer which inhibits the growth of reflective cracks. Produced from polypropylene staple fibers, TenCate Mirafi®MPVCS is heat-set to provide a waterproofing barrier.
Benefits include doubling the chip seal life, it reduces the effects of thermal expansion & contraction, eliminates the need for future crack filling, provides a continuous moisture barrier, reduces flushing problems, and Improves chip retention


Heavy Duty Fabric with Polymer AC

Heavy Duty Fabrics (≥6oz /Yd2) have shown to have a greater ability to retard reflective cracking than conventional 4oz/ Yd2 paving fabric. Polymer modified liquid asphalt has proven its ability to improve the performance of hot mix asphalt pavements. The combination of a modified liquid asphalt binder and a heavier paving fabric have been proven to increase pavement life in colder regions where pavement environments are harsh. The polymer modified liquid asphalt/paving fabric interlayer system has shown superior performance using polymer modified asphalt binders.

Polyguard NW75 & 665 Waterproofing Membrane

Applied as Highway Underlayments over cracks or joints on the old pavement prior to a new overlay, Polyguard have been proven to:

Provide a permanent seal, even if the new pavement above the underseal cracks.

Reduces the amount and severity of cracking in the new pavement surface, thus reducing Pavement Maintenance.

Applied to bridge decks or parking garages prior to overlay, Polyguard underseal provides an impermeable barrier protecting steel rebar from moisture and corrosion.



PavePrep is a heavy duty, high strength pavement repair geo composite membrane used to reinforce and waterproof pavement cracks and joints, reduce reflective cracking of asphalt concrete overlays, and as heavy duty bridge deck water proofing membrane. PavePrep is composed of a flexible, high density asphalt mastic bitumen between a top layer of heat resistant, high strength woven polyester reinforcing fabric and a bottom layer of non-woven heat resistant polyester fabric. PavePrep is supplied in several widths in 50 ft. lengths and is wound on rolls. To use, PavePrep is unrolled onto prepared pavement surfaces into an application of bonding adhesive which saturates and adheres PavePrep to the surface. PavePrep is then pressure rolled to secure in place. The asphalt concrete overlay is then placed. PavePrep can be used to reinforce many discontinuities in both asphalt and concrete pavements, including transverse and longitudinal cracks and joints, utility cuts, construction joints and previously repaired areas.