The Ultimate Stress Absorbing Membrane


Fibermat Processes

​FiberMat® is the ultimate crack inhibiting and sealing membrane; a combination of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, chopped glass fiber strands and aggregate. This combination creates a robust membrane that absorbs stresses generated in the pavement structure yet ductile and continuous to form a waterproofing barrier against the ingress of water.

FiberMat® has two different forms referred to as Type A and Type B:

  1. ​Type A is best known as an enhanced chip seal membrane.
  2. Type B is known as a SAMI (Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer). There are many different types of interlayer in pavement

​The tensile strength of FiberMat® has been proven to absorb pavement movements and strains. This layer will effectively flex instead of crack. Tests have concluded that FiberMat® enhances the tensile strength and fatigue performance by 30% and wheel-track cracking rate by 300%. Propagation of cracks is delayed 3-4 fold in laboratory testing versus control specimens and indications of 10 or more times from field specimens.


  • Absorption of stresses within the pavement structure.
  • Re-stabilization and strengthening of resurfacing projects.
  • Another tool in the preventative maintenance toolbox.
  • Used for crack inhibiting; delaying crack propagation.
  • Rejuvenates wearing courses suffering from top-down cracking and seals alligator cracks
  • Wearing surface or membrane interlayer


  • Fast application process
  • Open to traffic minutes after completion
  • Reduces, repairs, and resists cracking
  • Increases tensile strength and flexibility
  • Bonds well to concrete and asphalt
  • Economical
  • Perfect for most traffic volumes
  • No milling required
  • ​Easily recycled