The Ultimate Crack Inhibiting, Stress Absorbing, Water Proofing Membrane

​FiberMat® is the ultimate crack inhibiting and sealing membrane; a combination of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, chopped glass fiber strands and aggregate. This combination creates a robust membrane that absorbs stresses generated in the pavement structure yet ductile and continuous to form a waterproofing barrier against the ingress of water.

FiberMat® has two different forms referred to as Type A and Type B:

    FiberMat Type A - Surface Treatment


    FiberMat Type A is designed as a high performance fiber reinforced surface treatment sealing and improving the friction characteristics of existing surfaces.

    FiberMat Type B - Interlayer Treatment


    FiberMat Type B is designed as a powerful membrane interlayer that absorbs stresses in the pavement structure and resists the propagation of cracks.


    • Absorption of stresses within the pavement structure.
    • Re-stabilization and strengthening of resurfacing projects.
    • Another tool in the preventative maintenance toolbox.
    • Used for crack inhibiting; delaying crack propagation.
    • Rejuvenates wearing courses suffering from top-down cracking and seals alligator cracks
    • Wearing surface or membrane interlayer


    • Extends pavement life
    • Reduces and delays reflective cracks
    • Waterproofs and seals aged asphalt surfaces
    • Increases tensile strength and flexibility
    • Longer service life
    • Improved chip retention
    • Can be used on all traffic volumes
    • Bonds well to aged pavement surfaces
    • Can be placed on milled surfaces
    • Opens to traffic in minutes
    • Easily recyclable with conventional equipment